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Together, we’re transforming urban landscapes into thriving ecosystems, one tree at a time.


Make a difference in preserving the environment for future generations.
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Plan T is cultivating healthier, happier cities, one tree at a time. You can help make a difference.

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One small action can make a big impact.

Tree planting holds the power to rejuvenate our planet in countless ways: from purifying the air we breathe and mitigating climate change, to providing habitats for wildlife and fostering community resilience. Each tree planted is a step towards a greener, healthier, and more sustainable world for generations to come.

Air Quality

Air Quality

Urban forests intercept and absorb air pollution from the atmosphere.

Water Quality

Water Quality

100 mature trees catch about 250,000 gallons of rainwater per year, decreasing flood risk and erosion.

Heat Reduction

Heat Reduction

Green spaces help offset the formation of urban heat islands.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Trees and nature relieve what is sometimes called “nature- deficit disorder,”

Branching out & bringing communities together.

Together, we’re transforming concrete jungles into vibrant ecosystems, enriching our cities with greenery, and fostering biodiversity, one tree at a time. Our mission goes beyond just planting trees; it’s about cultivating a sense of togetherness and belonging within our communities. Through our collaborative efforts, we’re branching out, reaching across neighborhoods, and bringing people together to create greener, healthier, and more sustainable environments for all.

Physical & Mental Health

Research has shown that visual beauty & sensual enhancement of trees elevates moods and improves mental & physical health.

Cost Savings

For every 1$ spent, a return of $2.70 in benefits is received, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

Property Values

Properties on tree lined streets usually command a higher price, up to 15% according to studies.

Crime Reduction

Trees have a therapeutic effect, which helps reduce crime in all its form, petty, violent or domestic

Community Unity

Trees as landmarks can give a neighborhood a new identity and encourage civic pride.