Plant the Town Green™

How to become an EnTREEpreneur and help:
Reaching new heights
by making Dallas a greener, healthier place to live.
Urban environments where green is the dominant color. Where forests and towers co-exist, trees line streets, and lush green has found home in all neighborhoods. Health and quality of life are improving for all, the air is crisper, the water cleaner and communities have rediscovered the joy of spending time in the outdoor as if they lived in the country.
One small action can make a big impact:
Air quality air quality
Urban forests intercept and absorb air pollution from the atmosphere.
Water quality water qaulity
100 mature trees catch about 250,000 gallons of rainwater per year, decreasing flood risk and erosion.
Heat reduction heat reduction
Green spaces help offset the formation of urban heat islands.
Quality of life quality of life
Trees and nature relieve what is sometimes called “nature- deficit disorder,”
Cultivating healthier, happier cities, one tree at a time.
You can help make a difference.